Thursday, February 21, 2013

Long hours....... I'm tired

I worked 10 hours yesterday, felt like I got a good deal accomplished, then I came home and worked at home for another couple of hours, but at least I was home for some dinner and in the same room with my kids. My job encompasses two full time jobs that I am trying to do by myself, and they wonder why I have to work late & at home. I've been doing this for 3 years, it's getting a bit old, especially since I HATE one of the two jobs. My boss just says, oh you'll grow to like. Bull..... I hate it more each day and it makes me hate going to work. I love the other part of my job but barely ever get to do it. I've never liked my boss either (thankfully she's only been around the last few years) I don't trust her, she has screwed over too many people. She will step on anyone to get herself to the top.  Today I have to work 8 hours at my regular job  and another 4 hours at my second job.

If I actually got paid for all the hours at my main job, I wouldn't need my second job. Unfortunatly I am salaried, so anything extra I do there is no compensation for.
I'm extremely frustrated. And very tired.

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